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Poll results from The Hill-Harris X March 2021

We should question the conclusion of a recent (March 9 and 10) The Hill/HarrisX poll: “Tightening regulations on Google, Facebook and Amazon,” which have increasingly… Read more

Broken pieces of a plate lay scattered on the floor. (Chuttersnap at Unsplash)

Moving fast and breaking things. Cute the first few times a toddler or puppy does it, but inevitably it’s tiring and costly. We adult humans,… Read more

Facebook Portal Home Page

Facebook’s latest Orwellian offering, Portal (and Portal +, of course!) is making this privacy advocate cringe. Teaming up with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, the kludgey… Read more

Publicity photo from 1973 film "Soylent Green" showing riot control scene

Speculative film has long provided a canvas upon which our collective desires and fears are painted, often vividly. A recent survey of the genre seems… Read more