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UX Testing and Research

Bring human insights to your business intelligence

You may know what your users are doing, but you don’t know why until you test. We design and conduct expert UX testing with your end users – on any device, anywhere. Watch users experience your digital product – yielding core customer insights. Contact us today.

Interface Guru UX testing report on GalaxyZoo Interface Guru UX testing report on GalaxyZoo Interface Guru UX testing report on GalaxyZoo

Above, UX testing of the National Science Foundation's GalaxyZoo citizen science project, spearheaded by Oxford astrophysicist Dr. Christopher Lintott. Findings helped GalaxyZoo evolve into the Zooniverse, which today hosts over 100 citizen science projects.

How UX testing and research works

Interface Guru gets to know your team, your culture, and your industry, and your goals.

  • We create or amplify your user personas, identifying and prioritizing customer types for testing..
  • We design UX tests specifically for your product.
  • Then we conduct expert user tests while you observe. Our clients highly value this experience.
  • Our analysts then assess the results, creating fully illustrated reports to share with management, stakeholders, team members, and vendors.
Diagram of steps in Cosmoquest citizen science platform

Analysis of steps in the NASA-funded CosmoQuest citizen science platform revealed where new users became confused.

Why conduct user testing?

User testing connects you directly to your audiences and their motivations, helping you avoid designing digital products such as websites and apps from an insider perspective.

  • Test an existing product to find opportunities for improvement or to boost competitive advantage
  • Test a prototype to assess user adoption - before you start coding.

What will we learn from user testing?

Observing your customers as they interact with your digital product yields a wealth of customer insights you can apply to everything from marketing to product development.

  • Brand experience: How do your customers experience your digital brand? Are you meeting their expectations?
  • Orientation: Can users find your website via organic search? Once they get there, can they find what they are looking for?
  • Permission: Do users feel welcomed? Can they relate to the images on the screen? Do they identify with the labels you use for them?
  • Interactivity: Can users easily find and complete the tasks they want to perform?
  • Relevance: Are you providing the content users need and want?
  • Speed: How long does it take to complete a key task? How many steps are required?

Types of UX testing

Interface Guru's testing services are available for any digital device or environment. Includes custom test design, full video recordings, and complete illustrated reporting.

  • Comprehensive user testing: Individual interviews conducted by a human moderator. Best for complex digital environments; any website requiring extensive interaction, such as cloud services, e-commerce, data repositories, fintech, digital libraries, citizen science, media websites, insurance processing. Recommended in advance of, during, and after redesign. Contact us to learn more.
  • User testing in the field by Interface Guru.

    User testing in the field by Interface Guru.

    On-site user testing: Field studies conducted for evaluation (science grants) and user acceptance (ticketing and retail). Best for kiosks, point-of-sale public touch screens, museums and science center exhibits. Identifies where and why abandonment occurs. Contact us to learn more.

Start getting to really know your users

Since 1999, Interface Guru has conducted thousands of user tests for clients across diverse industries. Take advantage of Interface Guru's deep experience - contact us to learn more about UX Testing for your digital product today.

Facilitating success since 1999

Businesses, nonprofits and US Federal agencies including NASA and NSF have relied upon Interface Guru's evidence-based methodologies for over 20 years. Contact us today to learn more.

Interface Guru clients: NASA, Lifetime, Crain, AGWeb, Pima Air & Space Museum, TV Guide, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, American Society of Anesthesiologists, Visit Orlando, Athletic Business, Cosmopolitan, NOAA, Playboy, Investment News, IEEE, IEEE Spectrum, IEEE Robots, Tucson Electric Power, Columbia Business School, Zooniverse, Canyon Ranch, Apriva, ASAE, University of Arizona, Seventeen, Discover, The Higher Learning Commission, Mystic Aquarium ASME, Kiplinger, Pensions & Investments, LSST, Arizona Lottery, MPA, NSF, The Old Farmer's Almanac, Chicago History Museum, National Museum of the United States Air Force, Syracuse University Newhouse School of Public Communications